Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's Elementary...

What's  elementary?  The perfect  black coat,  and  no one  wears  a black coat  better than BBC's Sherlock.  

The one Benedict Cumberbatch wears  on the show is Belstaff,  discontinued, and  costs as much as a small car (...okay  a crappy car, but a car) - so the chances of ever  getting it are rather slim (just like the chances of finding one that's tiny enough...we saw how big it was on Irene...). But there are a few very cute alternatives out there:  

Product List
1) Burberry Regimental Wool Trench  -  it's in the same  price range as the Belstaff coat, but  a classic and  worth the  splurge.

2) Modcloth Complete Wardrobe  Coat  - This  one  has the same cape like swing effect  as Benedict's  but makes the whole  look a little more girly.

3) Full Circle Fit&Flare Military Coat -  It might be on the shorter  side, but just pop up that collar and  you'll get instant coolness.

....And while  you're trying to figure out which one to get, just sit back and enjoy this:  


Peace, Love and Sunshine
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  1. Lmao yeah, no obsessed at all. <3 But rightly so, and all these coats are epic + the video? Uh-mazing.<3


  2. oh how i love you dude <3

    i'm not really surprised to see this post lol but awesome it was xo

  3. so maybe not intervention time...yet.
    This post is perfect!
    Okay, wait, I'm scared to ask how expensive it is lol.

    The coats are so so perfect though!

    haha and of course there is a whole video dedicated to his coat. It's okay though cause I LOVE it!!

  4. Ok. My turn now. I love the coat. You know that. However, I have to say that not everyone is fitting in coat like that. You need a special aura for this. HE has. I don't. He's the king of the coat.