Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Shoes! ...and other girly adventures

After six weeks of writing I finally handed in my B.A. thesis yesterday. I know, I can't believe it either....

Anyway  the occasion called for some celebratory  shopping, so here's my little "yay my thesis is done” haul:

New shoes were the first item on my list, and since I was still am lusting after the woven wedges Cara Delevingne sported in the Burberry Summer 2012 campaign

yes those...
...I was on a mission to find something that would at least resemble them, so basically anything with woven details qualified here. Beggars can't be choosers, right?  And guess what? I did end up finding something at the most unlikely of all places: Tamaris. I've had horrible experiences with their shoes, (broken heels, blisters, you name it...) and most of the time I find them rather tacky but...  

Well see for yourself:

High wedges? Check. Woven details? Check.  Actually narrow enough to fit me? Check! ...and they are also pretty damn comfortable, also the thick T-strap has the benefit of making your feet appear ridiculously streamlined, and the shoe a lot higher than they actually are. Double win. 

I also picked up the  OPI New York City Ballet Mini set,  I'm usually not that into  pastels, or very sheer polishes, but sometimes I need a break from the bright blues and varying shades of "looks like black but it's actually not black" blacks, and it was 50% off, and sparkly...

And lastly there's the  Soap and Glory: Soaper Heroes Gift Set:

I've heard amazing things about this line (especially about the Flake Away Body Scrub), but due to  the girly packaging, I was worried that it would be too "bubblegum-y" for my taste.  Still, I figured that I can't really go wrong with this  travel sized gift set.  I haven't tried, or even opened, anything yet but I'll keep you updated!

Peace, Love, and Sunshine! ...and stay tuned for an uber-fun Hump-Day Homework edition tomorrow (think mindless party entertainment)  


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