Thursday, August 16, 2012

D.I.Y: Framed in Words

I made a little trip to the attic to find a frame for my  university diploma  (writing that still feels weird...),  and I actually found a lovely black one...unfortunately it was a little too large, so a pretty background was needed.  And what would be more fitting than Shakespeare?  

So lets do this:

What you need:
  • A big picture frame, the older the better, we're going for shabby here.
  • A book that you don't mind ripping apart -   I used a No Fear Shakespeare edition of As You Like It. It's one of my favorites, and I figured I wouldn't need the "Oh my good, I have a test tomorrow, and am way too stressed  to understand that silly Bard" version anymore.
  • Thicker paper (photo paper works quite well)
  • Scissors and scotch-tape 

And this is where the fun begins, just rip your book apart.  If you remove the jacket first  it's fairly easy to remove single pages, but you can also go crazy and just rip out smaller pieces for a more elaborate collage.  Then just arrange the pages or pieces in whichever way you want, secure them with scotch-tape from the back (if you're using a No Fear edition like me make sure that you only use the side with the original text)  -  and that's it.  

I'd show you how it looks with my diploma, but there's data on it that shouldn't float around  in the interwebs  so this guy will have to do as a placeholder ;)

Peace, Love, and Sunshine


  1. Very, very cool - and not surprised whatsoever with the pic you used. ;)