Monday, July 1, 2013

Festival Fashion

Even though I only watched from my couch, Glastonbury was quite exciting this year. But the music wasn't the only exceptional thing  (Mumford and Sons and  Vampire Weekend on one stage!), as the fashion wasn't far behind:

Carey Mulligan's black blazer may be a bit formal, but who needs a hippie dress when you're already married to the frontman of the hottest act around?

Douglas Booth: Simple and quintessentially British in a Barbour jacket and wellies.

Florence Welch in a colorful shift dress.

Benedict Cumberbatch wearing a familiar scarf, and his friend in a sweater that I'd love to get my hands on...

...just like on Poppy Delevingne's fantastic boots.

What was your fave act of Glastonbury 2013?

Peace, Love, and Tiny Umbrellas in Your Drinks,

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