Friday, March 25, 2011

Fashion(able) Police

I was five years old when I found my first style idol. But instead of wanting to dress like the girls on 90210, my idol was an old detective in a wrinkled trench...yes I'm talking about Columbo (and yes I did have a very mature taste in TV lol).

Watching reruns, bundled up in one of my dad's coats, I had decided that detectives have the coolest style in the world. Five short years later I was ten and wanted to wear nothing but penny loafers, knee socks, and preppy plaid...I had discovered Nancy Drew. Fast forward another seven years and I was idolizing a badass blond teen sleuth with tough yet sometimes girly style, Veronica Mars. 

The point of this story is that I spent most of my life idolizing famous detectives and their style, but not one of those detectives was as classy, cool and simply gorgeous as my current crime fighting fashion idol: Castle's Det. Kate Beckett, played by the wonderful Stana Katic.

I could go on for hours about how much I adore every single one of her outfits, but I'm gonna let the pictures speak for themselves:

No matter how crazy or hard the case, Beckett always looks perfect. In fact, I love her style so much that I often find myself browsing the internet to find the pieces she wears. This used to be a sometimes frustrating experience, until I discovered that the genius behind the show's amazing wardrobe is on Twitter. Costume Designer Luke Reichle tweets during the episodes, and answers every fashion related question – gone are the days of browsing through website after website to find a scarf or shirt. Thanks Luke!  

Got any crime fighting fashion idols yourself? Comment below! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011


There's a Birthday to celebrate today, and no I am not talking about the great Harry Houdini, I am talking about someone even more special my dear friend Elin, my dude, the Gus to my Shawn, the George to my  Jim, the Velma to my Daphne, the Ethel to my Lucy, get the point I'm a TV Geek.  


But since it is also Harry's Bday I feel like this is mandatory:

Trench Coats & Texas

Instead of starting with long introductions I'm gonna jump right in and simply gonna start doing what I want to do - write about fashion.

Spring Obsession Number 1: Trench Coats

It's the beginning of spring, and I would lie if I'd say that shopping for new spring clothes isn't my fave thing about the season. On top of the list? Trench coats! After spending the long winter bundled up in thick down jackets, nothing says spring than throwing on a fun light trenchcoat. 

And this year I'm all about shiny ruffles. My trench of choice? Anthropologie's Engla Trench and the Femme Trench Jacket:
I ordered the Engla a week ago and I've already fallen in love with much that I'm definitely considering to also get the Femme Trench. The best part? Both are currently on sale.

I am usually not a fan of materials that feel too fancy (my prom dress wasn't as shiny as the Engla) but there's something so unique about this coat that I can embrace and love it's shiny texture. And by wearing it with navy skinny jeans, an old jeans shirt and simple flats it becomes super casual.
Shirt: Vintage, Jeans: H&M. Shoes: Nature Breeze

Spring Obsession Number 2: Nailpolish!

Usually my go-to colors are navy, deep red or pink. And I thought I'd never understand the appeal of brownish and nude colors (and I still don't get why people love Chanel's looks like dirt, there I said it) ...Until I laid my eyes upon OPI's Texas collection: 

I went to my fave makeup store to check out all the colors, and being me I was most excited about the amazing pink shades of the collection. While I was pondering whether to buy "Guy Meets Gal-veston" or "Big Hair Big Nails" my mom pointed out a rather boring shade of beige - San Tan-tonio. And long story short this color has been on my nails for 3 weeks straight now, and I don't think I ever want to wear another nailpolish again. It's classy yet unique, gorgeous, and goes with everything - and the name makes me laugh. It's a win.