Sunday, April 24, 2016

Aim To Misbehave …and Celebrate

After celebrating their 35th anniversary earlier this year,  Essie just hit another milestone: the nail polish giant is releasing its 1000th shade!  

And instead of playing it safe with a classic red, or a festive silver, the limited edition shade called "Aim to Misbehave" comes in what might be the most controversial nail color to ever exist: Yellow!


Aside from that one time I tried a pineapple nail design (don't ask), I've never worn yellow.  I'm simply too pale for it, and unless I want to look like I'm dying of organ failure yellow is just not a good look.  But "Aim to Misbehave" promises to be different. It's an extremely warm shade and has a jewel like quality to it – which tends to look good on everyone.  And all things considered, it is a pretty genius move from Essie to go with such a controversial choice for their 1000th shade – because fans and collectors are going to make sure it sells out no matter if it's wearable or not.  

"Aim to Misbehave" launches  on May 31 with the 2016 summer collection.

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Look For Less: Taylor Swift

I've always been a fan of Taylor Swift's style (in the literal sense and the song), the way she constantly reinvents her look without ever compromising her identity is almost as impressive as the evolution of her music over the years.  But it hasn't been until recently that I went from being a fan of her look to wanting to emulate it. There's a new edginess to her style (that Vogue cover!), that has me really excited for what's to come next, and at the same time she looks more laid back than ever – which is always a winning combination in my book.

…just like the outfit she wore to a friend's birthday party last week:

Taylor Swift Joins Supermodel Pals for Alessandra Ambrosio's Birthday...

Pairing a camo jacket with comfy high tops is hardly a groundbreaking fashion statement, but that's exactly what makes it so cool – it's an easy no fuss look that anyone can pull of… and afford. Because you don't have to shop at Saint Laurent to get the look:  

look for less / fringe

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Still Sweater Weather

Spring is actually my favorite time to wear sweaters. Of course, they're still a winter staple, but I just think they work way better paired with a lightweight spring jacket than a heavy winter coat that's already bulky enough on it's own …and as a bonus they make it possible to break out that spring jacket  just a few weeks earlier. Because let's face it, once April comes around we'd all rather be cold than having to put on that parka one more time. 

And bonus number two: There are so many new styles!  

spring sweaters

No matter if you're looking for something classic, something that will actually keep you warm until the temperatures catch up to the calendar, or something that'll keep you cool if spring is already in full force in your part of the world (jealous!) there really is something for everyone (and every temperature).

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Previews

There are a lot of great books coming out this Spring, but I decided to narrow it down to one for each month.  And yes, there might be a little theme going on…

Old Records Never Die by Eric Spitznagel // April 12
Have you ever gotten rid of something and regretted it later?  That's how journalist Eric Spitznagel feels about his record collection after selling it in a financial pinch. So, he sets out on a journey to track down his lost records, but not just copies. No, he's looking for the exact same records he sold, and with them the memories that are attached to them. Old Records Never Die is a beautiful memoir about the magic of music, that brings back the thrill and adrenalin of spending hours in a record store and finding that one album you've been looking for.  Which might be exactly what we need in a time where nearly every song ever recorded is available on a smartphone.  

For fans of: High Fidelity 

Devil and the Bluebird by Jennifer Mason-Black // May 17
Armed with nothing but her dead mother's guitar,  a knapsack of cherished mementos, and a pair of enchanted boots, Blue Riley makes a deal with the Devil to find her runaway sister Cass. But as it goes when the Devil is involved, the agreement has a few catches – the biggest one being that he takes away her voice.  During her journey, she meets a number of colorful characters (some helpful, some the opposite), and finds answers she didn't even know she was looking for. It is never perfectly clear where the journey (and the story itself) is headed,  but that is what makes Devil and the Bluebird so good. It is a lot like life itself …only more magical.  

For fans of: Weetzie Bat 

The Girls by Emma Cline // June 14 
Northern California in the late 1960s, change is in the air, and all 14 year old Evie wants is to break out of her boring life. Her prayers are answered when a group of girls she meets at the park, invite her to their run down ranch, where she is introduced to their charismatic leader. Naive, innocent, and desperate to be accepted, Evie spends more and more time with her mesmerizing new friends, and soon finds herself in the middle of one of the most notorious cults of all time. The Girls isn't a story about Charles Manson (in fact he's named Russel here), it is a story about obsession. The darkness of the subject matter, and the inevitably horrible outcome that is looming over the story from the very first page on,  make a wonderful contrast to the almost palpable air of innocence that surrounds Evie, and all in all it is simply an incredibly haunting tale, that'll keep you thinking long after you put it down.  

For fans of: The Virgin Suicides 

Peace, Love, and Lobsters
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