Friday, June 29, 2012

Ducks & Deals

Summer sale, it should be an official holiday, but then the stores  would be closed and make it all kind of pointless...

Anyway, I hit the sales today nad found some awesome deals.

1) Clinique 3 Step Home&Away

By far my favorite skin care line, but sadly also one of the more pricier ones on the market.  So anytime the special gift sets pop up I'm first in line. This one did not only come in a beautiful silver box, but also a really useful bag and contains a full sized (I'm talking 500 ml toner...) and a travel sized set - all for only 51 euros, a bargain since I usually already pay 36 for the 125 ml moisturizer alone.

2) Woven Oxfords

I found these darlings at Deichmann,  marked down to 49,99 plus an additional 50% off they came down to 25 - an amazing deal for what is going to be my favorite pair of fall shoes. 

3) Hugo Boss  Duck Shirt

My favorite color, raw silk,  and the remains of a dead duck stapled to the collar...  

I know it's not the most wearable shirt, but it was love at first sight. Mr. Duck and I met at  my favorite thrift store, and not only was he new with tags still on, but also 20% off,  and with some bargaining because of a barely there stain, he went home with me for 28.  

Found any amazing deals you want to share? comment below!

Peace, Love and Sunshine

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Future's so Bright...

Remember movies like the Back to the Future II, or the  Disney Channel classic Zenon? You know, those movies that promised us flying cars, jet-packs for everyone, and magical  tablet computers (okay that one actually happened, thank you Steve Jobs)...

Well after watching the Burberry Prorsum men's  Spring/summer 2013 show, I'm gonna apply for  my jet-pack flying license, because it looks like that future has finally arrived:

 Source:  Burberry Official Twitter

80's prep, meets Space cadet?  It really shouldn't work, and it might be the childhood nostalgia speaking, but hey I wouldn't mind seeing a guy sporting that metallic turtleneck...I draw the line at the pink trench though. Leave that to the girls - preferably those under the age of 12. 

Peace, Love and Sunshine

...and now click here for a laugh

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Definitely not a bag person....

You might have noticed that I'm not a bag person. I love a fun clutch for the night...but for the daytime I'm  perfectly content as long as my Longchamp Pilage Bags match my outfit.

...Still, the bags have been suffering from what I like to call the "Ed Hardy effect" - used to be awesome until  everyone and their mother started buying them.  Don't get me wrong I do still like the bags, they go with everything, are practically indestructible (I would know), and relatively affordable.  

But lets be honest, the bags are as overexposed as the Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy (once a status symbol, now the epitome of tacky).

So how can we fix that?  Well, make it slouchier, replace the Nylon with the softest leather you have ever touched, add a strap,  and then a zero to the price tag, et voilá:

Available in the US via Neimans for $590
And in Europe via Longchamp for €375

The Longchamp Le Pilage Cuir Satchel the most perfect shade of blue ever. I received the bag as a present, and if I had bought it for myself I probably would have gone with the smaller version, as this is huge, and I tend to overpack if the bag allows it. I do, however, love the fact that this one holds my iPad, a 2 liter water bottle, my yoga mat, and my parka...  I guess I do love huge bags after all.

 With Elin's  Baker Street key chain ;)

...And this isn't even the only new edition to my bag collection (didn't I start this post with the words "I'm not a bag person”? Oh well...) The other purchase is:  a Mulberry Alexa!

...on a Canvas tote!

I saw this on ebay, and thought it was hilarious. 

…And the perfect placeholder until I get the real thing.  

Peace, Love and Sunshine

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hump Day Homework

I promised super fun, crazy awesome, party entertainment, so here we go:

Watch: Zombieland

Any Movie that ends with Jack White's voice is a good movie. No really what's more fun than a Zombie Apocalypse and Emma Stone? Not much,  so watch Zombieland and take some notes, you might need them some day...

Listen To: Titus Jones
I LOVE mashu-ps!  And Titus Jones is the god of fun mash-ups. Best thing? You can download them for free on his site

Read:  White Girl Problems
"My dad's  British, I can't hold a job, Alexander McQueen is gone forever...” I get it,  and I have an insane girl-crush on you Babe Walker! 

I got this book for my birthday, but I've been following Babe's Twitter and Blog since the very beginning,  and let me tell you, If you like her blog, you're gonna LOVE the book. It's the funniest, most inappropriate,  bestest (yes I'm gonna use this as a word)...actually, stop reading this. Go buy Babe's book. Now.

Peace, Love and Sunshine

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A year older...

First of all thank you all for the nice Birthday wishes - and presents (especially you Elin,  that video made my life), but now on to some pictures:

Birthday shopping last week, wearing my new orange ASOS Tweed jacket (a present from myself) - which is crazy but awesome...or make that crazy awesome just like the fountains at Ralph Lauren.

Due to my new obsession with "Zombies, run!” I started my actual Birthday with a little Zombie chase in the park,  and yes I will review that amazing app soon. It's like being in your own action movie, I can't get enough... But from there on it was all cupcakes, presents, a very fun dinner, and dreaming up the greatest movie ever made (If anyone has Baz Luhrmann's phone number please get back to me -  because this needs to happen).

New Burberry Hat, and presents....

The perfume is Burberry Brit Summer (very crisp and icy, but still sweet and a little exotic - I think this might replace Juicy's Peace, Love and Juicy as my signature scent), and the Necklace is H&M, and Ann-Catrin, you rock for making me a "SHERlocked“ Tote, we so need an Etsy shop...
I have no idea where the Union Jack scarf is from, but the flower scarf is H&M, and the adorable anchor hoodie Ralph Lauren..and then there were those...
Peace, Love and Sunshine