Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ballsy Grip

 What makes Wimbledon even more fun? Tennis inspired nail art of course!  Even if you're just clutching a remote instead of a racquet.

How great is this design from the Daily Varnish? Use flocking powder to give your nails a tennis ball like  texture:


And if you prefer a simpler look try ncLA's Tennis Anyone?


Peace, Love, and Cupcakes

Monday, June 24, 2013

Strawberries and Cream

Wimbledon is not only about tennis, it is also about Fashion. But there's no reason to save your white skirts for the court:

Strawberries and Cream

That Tory Burch sweater gets the Triple Crown…

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes

Friday, June 21, 2013

Look For Less: Carey Mulligan

The line isn't even in stores yet, but that doesn't stop Carey Mulligan from grabbing a coffee in Proenza Schouler's Fall 2013 collection.  I wish I had her closet:

But until Proenza starts sending me their collections in advance this will have to do:


Peace, Love, and Cupcakes 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Writers and Painters

Could there be a better inspiration for fashion than literature and paintings?  I don't think so. And Burberry's Spring/Summer 2014 collection is the perfect proof:


I really hope there'll be a women's version of that yellow raincoat.

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes

Monday, June 17, 2013

Seen On: The Charm of Chambray

I'm a bit early with my Pretty Little Liars post this week, but after seeing Spencer rock one of my all time favorite wardrobe staples in the promo for tomorrows all new episode, I just couldn't wait:

The item that got me so excited was a simple but classic chambray shirt dress:

You can find Spencer's dress for $118 at  J.Crew:

J.Crew Shirt dress

But there is no reason to break the bank if you want to copy the look, because GAP sells one that is just as cute, but only half the price

GAP shirt dress

And if you are looking for something a little more summer appropriate GAP also carries a good selection of sleeveless variations.

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Head to Toe

It's IFB project time, and this week it is all about making lists:

We all know them. Those days when we stand infront of our closets and the only look that seems to work is the classic jeans and white shirt combo.  But classic does not need to be boring.  Here are my 5 favorite ways to add interest and style to even the simplest of all looks:  

5 things
find us

1 ) Hats: 
 Not only do they protect you from the sun, but they also make one of the best accessories of all time. And they are cool.

2) Bright pink lipstick
Wearing a lipstick shade that is a little out of your comfort zone can do wonders for your style.  Dare to be bold every once in a while.  

3) Statement necklaces:  
It's just a necklace, but it does seem to  have the power to turn a white tee into a ball gown. 

4) Skinny belts in bold colors:  
It does not have to be bright pink, but it also does not have to be black or brown. Think about it. 

5) Shoes:  
When everything else fails put on your best shoes. The shabbiest jean can look like a couture piece if paired with the right footwear.

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Seeing Pink

I wasn't going to buy in into the current Flamingo trend. Why not? Been there, done that. There used to be a time when almost every shirt I owned had a pink bird on it,  but I grew out of it and didn't want to fall back into old habbits, until...

A Wear Flamingo Tea Dress

I think this lovely A Wear dress just changed my mind....

Do you like the Flamingo trend?

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hump Day Homework: Weekend Getaway

“Best of an island is once you get there - you can't go any farther...you've come to the end of things...”  - Agatha Christie

Read: Ten by Gretchen McNeil

read me

 What starts out as the ultimate weekend getaway quickly turns into a dark and twisted mystery, when a group of teenagers discovers a DVD with a sinister message: Vengeance is mine. To make matters worse a raging storm cuts them off from the outside world, and the exclusive island becomes a death trap when the friends start dying one by one...

 If the story sounds familiar to you, it might be because you read the book it is based on: Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. And if it doesn't then you should also add that to your reading list.

Watch: Fear Island

A group of friends is headed to a small island for a weekend getaway, there's a creepy caretaker, one of them is a killer...  You know the drill. I didn't have high expectations for this movie. I figured it would just be a bad movie movie version of Harper's Island, but the twist at the end of this movie makes you want to rewatch it as soon as the credits start, just to see if there were any clues you missed...

Something else that speaks for this movie is that it succeeds in shocking without dropping buckets full of gore every time the audience is supposed to "jump" - which is always a plus.

Listen to: The Maine, Forever Halloween

listen to me

Even though it is darker than the band's previous works (but not nearly as dark as the cover suggests) Forever Halloween isn't anything new, but it's the perfect killer-island-weekend-soundtrack. My personal favorites include White Walls and Kennedy Curse.

Peace, Love and Cupcakes

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Guide To Rosewood

 Pretty Little Liars is back tonight!
Since this blog has always  been rather Pretty Little Liars heavy,  I figured I'd highlight some of my Rosewood related posts to make the hours until the premiere go by a little faster:

No matter if you are on the hunt for a specific item like Spencer's hats, Aria's leopard coat, Hanna's Mondrian inspired purse or red tweed jacket,  or if you're just looking for a little inspiration from the liars to spice up your favorite summer basic  - you can find it here, in the Pretty Little Liars Tag

Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premiere tonight at 8/7c on ABC Family

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pearly Whites

 I finally tried the Ciaté Caviar nail polish, and I am loving the look:

  Essie Cocktail Bling and Ciaté Caviar in Pearl

It's the perfect way to glam up a basic manicure. I don't recommend doing more than an accent finger though, as the texture is a bit much to get used to (seriously, it would drive me crazy within an hour).

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Essie Ahoy!

I'm completely overboard for Essie's cruise inspired Summer 2013 collection.  

Inspired by nautical elements and tropical destinations, the collection will brighten even the grayest day, and make you feel like you're sailing into the sunset everytime you catch a glimpse of your hands - or toes. 


My favorite is definitely Naughty Nautical, a vibrant and bright teal. It reminds me of a cross between my all time favorite Essie shades Turquoise and Caicos and Trophy Wife. 

But I will also give Full Steam Ahead a chance, as I've been looking for a good lilac for a while and this just might be it...

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Back to my Roots

First all thank you for all the Birthday Love! The lovely messages, e cards, and pictures turned an otherwise rather boring day into a very special one (and don't worry I will have a party on the weekend).

Now on to what this post is actually about. For the last few months I tried to embrace my natural brown hair. When I first got my hair cut into a pixie last year, it was the light shade of blonde that it had been for almost three years before the crop, and I loved it - but I soon realized that dark roots are a lot more noticeable in short hair, then they were in the messy bob I had before. 

Because I couldn't imagine getting touch ups every five weeks, it was back to nature. And I liked it, it looked good, it was easy...

...it just wasn't very me.

So I made an appointment for the end of the week, and this picture of the lovely Carey Mulligan proves that minimal upkeep can be more than enough.

Does she rock the roots, or what? 
Peace, Love, and Cupcakes

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Essentials

This week IFB asked us to blog about our summer style. My personal summer style does not differ all that much from what I wear during the other seasons, but I always rely on five things to give me that laid back summer edge - no matter how bad the weather is: 


           Free People Top / Ralph Lauren jeans  / Park Lane sandals / Coach bag / Essie nail polish

White Jeans: 
When it's too cold for shorts, I reach for white  denim to give my outfits a summery feel. But remember, you don't want them to look cheap - or worse, end up with seethrough ones. Make sure you get a good quality pair that will last you all summer. A good idea is always to look for them on a salesrack during the winter.  

Whimsical Tops:  
I love my Free People camis in the summer, even if they just peak out of a cardigan.

Beach Bags:  
Who cares if you are just going to school or the grocery store, there is no reason why your books or frozen peas don't deserve a little beach vacation.

Bright Sandals:
As soon as the weather allows it I break out the brightest sandals I own.  

Blue Nailpolish:
Nothing says summer like a manicure that makes you think of pools and beaches. I personally love Essie's blues, especially the metallics.  

What's your Summer must have?

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes