Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's a (Beach) Party in the USA

What is the best part about summer?  The summer lineup of USA Network  of course!

Summers would be pretty dull without all their awesome shows, especially the Hamptons set medical show Royal Pains, and  the explosive spy drama Burn Notice.  So if you wanna know how to dress for a summer in the Hamptons or a spy mission in Miami then keep reading:

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If you're heading for the Hamptons (or if you just wanna dress like you are) keep it simple and nautical. Shorts, sundresses, colorful beach totes and comfy wedges are all you need to meet a cute doctor on the beach (for more inspiration check out my post on resort wear).

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I have to admit that I am a little bit obsessed with Fi's style, but I simply am a sucker for anything army green and combaty looking (there's just something about the color that makes my hair look blonder, and my eyes pop - it's a double win!). So if you wanna look just as cool (or should I say hot?) as Fiona go for military inspired pieces and mix them with classic elements like a white button down, and of course you're gonna need a flowy sundress to keep cool in that Miami heat.

So what's your fave USA summer show and style? Comment below and let me know!
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Peace, Love and Sunshine

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"A"-List Approved Summer Styles

The weather isn't the only thing that gets hotter in the summer, TV shows are close behind, and Pretty Little Liars  is on top of that hot list...especially when it comes to style. So if you wanna know how to keep cool during the sumer time and still look as hot as Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily then keep reading.

But this isn't your typical “get the look” post, I picked one summer essential (a pair of navy cotton twill shorts) and came up with a look for each one of the girls:   

J.Crew Chino Shorts

To get Hanna's look go for sleek materials and bright colors, slip your feet into a pair of espadrille wedges (preferably golden ones), and throw on a fitted blazer if it gets chilly at night.

Spencer loves classic menswear inspired pieces, to make this look more girly wear a lace cami under your button down, and  add a leather belt with a little bow. For shoes go with classic Keds, or Oxfords for a more dressy look.

Aria's boho chic  is perfect for those hot summer days. Find a flowy top, go crazy on the jewellery (try and thrift stores for cheaper options, and Free People if you want to splurge), protect yourself from the sun with a cute floppy hat, and forget that boots are only for the colder months.

If you like a simple and sporty style like Emily, look for striped tops and fun sneakers in all the colors of the double-rainbow,  pair them with neutral pieces (like a cute cardigan), a sporty watch, and keep other accessories to a minimum.

So who is your fave Pretty Little Liar?  Let me know in the comments!  And I'm thinking of making this "1 item 4 looks" thing a series, so tell me if there is anything that you want me to Pretty-Little-Liar-fy.

Peace, Love and Sunshine

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Resort Wear To Die For

With summer just around the corner I tried to figure out how to make the good old "what to wear to the beach" post a little  more fun. My solution?  To base this on my favorite summer guilty pleasure:  Cheesy horror stories that take place  in beach resorts, secluded islands...or well just any  place that has a creepy old guy on a boat.  

...And what do all these stories have in common?  A bunch of preppy kids who just wanna have a good time (and survive). So to achieve that perfect "horror-story-beach-resort" look you just have to remember the 3 essential Ss (Stripes, Shorts & Sperrys) and you're good to go...and run.

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But of course the look alone is not enough, here is the entertainment to go with it:

 X-Isle (by Peter Lerangis) is probably the  epitome of  a trashy horror story, which is exactly why it is so great! Put this on your summer reading list if you enjoy scary stories with shocking twists...

...And talking of shocking twists, those of you who like the movies should check out Fear Island (2009),  or if you're a fan of the classics  stick to I Know What You Did Last Summer and (if you're really into it) the sequel (but please, only the first one!).

Stuck in your hotel room or beach house thanks to a storm (and hopefully smart enough to know that meeting that townie on his grandpa's boat is a bad idea)?  Well how about an island set mystery series like Harper's Island?  It's guaranteed  to give you a good time without the risk of getting chopped into pieces by an angry fisherman.

Peace, love and shivers...uhm sunshine ;)