Friday, April 29, 2011

A Brief History of Fashion

As some of you might know I am a tiny bit obsessed with Francesca Lia Block's wonderful Weetzie Bat books, and especially Necklace of Kisses, the sequel to the series, has a very special place in my heart and inspired this post.

As Weetzie leaves My Secret Agent Lover Man (I refuse to refer to him as Max) to stay at the Pink Hotel, she starts reminiscing about fashion. And all this talk about treasured items got me thinking, what are my "treasures"? What would I pack into the white suitcase with the pink roses?

This list is not about "favorites" as much as I love my fave pair of 7 Jeans or that navy Abercrombie hoodie I practically live in, those items could be easily replaced if something should happen to them...This is about things that are actual treasures, things that couldn't be replaced with a trip to the mall.

So lets see what made the list:

1) I found this Vintage Men's Ralph Lauren Army Jacket on the island Sylt last summer, and even though it is 3 sizes too big it was love at first sight.(It might also remind me a little of my favorite movie: Dream a Little Dream, but that's another story) ...all in all it is just plain COOL!

2) This shirt from Yellow Bird Project speaks for itself...and it was for a good cause (gotta love charity T-Shirts)

3) I don't even remember where or when I got this pink Amor&Psyche cashmere sweater, maybe it was a present maybe one of those magical flewmarket finds, all I know is that I had it forever. And yes it is a little 90's with all the rhinestones and a little 60's with all the peace signs and tie-dye...but that's exactly what makes it so unique.

4) RED.COWBOY.BOOTS. ...enough said!

5) Remember the blankie you had as a kid? Well this Scarf I got at a small local store a few years back is mine and I rarely leave the house without it.

So those are my fashion treasures and I´m gonna end this post with my fave quote from Necklace of Kisses:

"That was what clothing could do, It could seduce, soothe, enhance, disguise, protect. It could empower. Like magic."

And as a special treat (seriously do yourself a favor and watch!): 

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  1. Ok so I have to say I'm a horrible person! All I got from this was red cowboy boots lol!

    I really do love it all but the second I saw THE RED COWBOY BOOTS omg huge smile!!