Tuesday, January 3, 2012

...Here we go again

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  And there's no better way to start this then with some New Year's resolutions, right?

1) The biggest of them all: CUT BACK ON THE COFFEE!  ...it's horrible for me! It messes up my skin, keeps me up at night, and therefore ruins my chances of getting up early enough to enjoy on a nice morning run...

And yet it only took me only 38 hours to break that resolution. But whatcha gonna do?

2) Spend less on clothes...  Yeah I broke that one even faster. This story involves a  gorgeous Free People sweater, and a cotton candy pink colored denim shirt on ASOS. But as one of you pointed out I wouldn't be me without that habbit.

3) Watch Gone With The Wind from beginning to end in one sitting - As shocking as it is I never saw the whole movie from beginning to end, but it's sure gonna happen this year.

4) Attend (or in the best case scenario host) a murder mystery dinner party - I don't care for the food though, just give me a dead body in a mansion and I'm good.

5) Pick up photography again - this is something I've always been into, but sadly I've abandoned it a little, and would love to find the time to get back into it (it would also make me feel better about that ridiculously expensive Canon that's collecting dust on my bookshelf...yikes)

6) Build a time machine...so many reasons.  

So what are your New Year's resolutions? And did you already break some of them? Let me know, comment below!

Peace, Love and Sunshine

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  1. lol awesome dude! Mine is to live a more healthy life when I move. To eat more healthy and to start working out xD

  2. "But as one of you pointed out I wouldn't be me without that habbit."

    Hahah, I wonder who. ;) <3

    How about we resolve - to be better next year, haha.:)

    And you should def. pick up photography again.

  3. GONE WITH THE WIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    haha so I always have the same morning routine. Morning run to Starbucks, run back home. By the time I'm home I'm usually done with my coffee by the time I get home. Then I might I a few more throughout the day. It's almost disgusting at the number of Starbucks cups I accumulate throughout a week!

    I would never even try to spend less on clothing lol

    Murder Mystery Dinner Party SOUNDS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd love to see some of your photo!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!