Sunday, March 31, 2013

The 4 C's

When I saw this week's IFB Project, I knew I had to participate. The assignment was:  "Define Your Style”, and as any fashion fan knows it's one of the hardest questions to answer. I hate putting labels on things. Yes,  I attend an elite University, and yes I own more than three navy cable knit sweaters, but I wouldn't call myself preppy. My iPod is full of Sum and Blink, and yet I wouldn't be caught in a hoody unless I'm working out. And then there's "nerd", but besides my reading glasses I don't aspire to look like a cast member of the Big Bang Theory...

So what exactly is my Style? Well, I like to refer to the 4 magic C's:

My days are usually a constant back and forth between being curled up on the couch with my laptop,  and running around town. So I rely on great shoes and outerwear  to make my casual jeans and t-shirt combos presentable. My grandpa always  used to say something about judging a man by his shoes and coat - and I guess that kinda stuck with me.  A good (and comfortable) pair of black leather flats goes with everything, and can even make a pair of 9.99 H&M jeans (my fave) look sophisticated. And as long as I have a Burberry trench in my closet I know that I'll always be well dressed. 

Another factor is the versatility of this style, the "C" in colorful. If I wake up and want to celebrate my preppy side, I'll choose a bow and a longchamp. if I want to show my wild side I'll go with a skull scarf, and if I want to channel my inner Sheldon Cooper, I'll rock a comic book tote for the day.


So I guess one could define my style as a blank canvas. A blank canvas in good shoes and a Burberry trench.

Peace, Love and Spring Showers,


  1. This is too cute. I think most people's styles are a blend of so many different ideas and themes that it's really hard to define it in a few words. I really do like how you went about this post :)

    -Mega from

  2. This is a great and pragmatic post and I think I may need that trench in the picture. Found you on IFB. you have a new follower.
    Kristin at Highland Fashionista

    1. Thank you! Yeah, my Burberry trench (or well trenches by now as they make great gifts for graduations and other milestones - who needs a car, if you can get a good coat? haha) is by far the best purchase I ever made. x