Friday, February 21, 2014

What to Watch...

Who's in the mood for a  good old fashioned movie night? You? Great! But what do you want to watch?  Yeah, that's what I thought...

If you're anything like me then finding a movie often takes longer than watching it,  so I figured I'd help you with some of my recent favorites (feel free to return the favor):

1) Saving Mr. Banks

Saving Mr. Banks tells the story behind one of the most beloved movies of all time: Mary Poppins. 
The movie is equally charming, emotional, and sobering, as it creates an entirely new perspective to a Disney classic.  I'd recommend this not only to fans of the source material, but to anyone who has a soft spot for visually impressive dramas, because besides the compelling story, the movie is also gorgeous to look at.  

2) Not Another Happy Ending 

I've been waiting so long to see this. If you enjoy romantic comedies that are actually smart then the story about a publisher who falls for his author is perfect for you.  Oh and Stanley Weber is absolutely  gorgeous.  Just saying...

3) Cry Wolf

This may seem like your average slasher film, but trust me when I say it's not. Even though the movie is already 10 years old, I had never heard of it until a few weeks ago,  which is a shame considering how great it is...  and that twist at the end. So good. 

Peace, Love and Strawberries

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