Monday, September 15, 2014

Bright Palette

Burberry never ceases to amaze me, their shows are always the thing I'm most excited about during Fashion Week.  And this isn't even because of the  amazing designs, but because of the shows itself. From the sets, over the guest list (I love me some Jamie Campbell Bower), to the music – which was exceptional this year.  Up-and-coming  singer/songwriter  James Bay performed live on the runway: 

This morning I had never even heard of him, and now I'm listening listening to his songs  on repeat (especially scars, scars is sooo good). And I'm already looking forward to watch him perform at the iTunes Festival on the 22nd.  

But let's not forget the clothes: 

I love how bright and colorful the collection is, it's fun without being ridiculous, and even the wildest pieces are still wearable. Some of my favorites were definitely the sheepskin lined denim jackets, and the  monogrammed mini "Bee Bag", which is perfect in every single way.

And how cute were the printed trenchcoats the tulle dresses? 

Watch the show on and shop the runway until September 29th. 

Peace, Love, and Lobster

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