Monday, June 15, 2015

Borrowed from the Boys

I spent the last month or so looking for a simple baseball tee. I did not ask for much, I simply wanted it to be A) cheap, B) lightweight and C) have a normal fit…

…an impossible task as it turns out. Every single one I found was either see-through, too boxy, or way over my price limit (I am not gonna pay more than 30 bucks for a simple T-Shirt). I had almost given up until I stumbled across this in the men's section of H&M:

H&M Men's Tee

Cheap? Check! Lightweight? Check! Normal fit? Check! 

This isn't the first time I found exactly what I was looking for in their men's section (I also love their hoodies, and pajama pants). Since their clothing runs small in general, fit usually isn't an issue, especially not with T-shirts.  So next time you find yourself looking for simple basics don't hesitate to look around the men's section – you might just get lucky (lame pun totally intended).

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

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