Monday, September 7, 2015

Camo and Wine

If you are planning on purchasing only one high-end makeup item this fall, make it one of these:  

Burberry Runway Nail Collection & Palette

Camo nail polish and makeup! Maybe I watch too much Duck Dynasty, but I feel like camo makes everything better.  The nail polish set comes with a  black, a khaki, and a green polish, and the eye palette with black and green eyeshadow and a cream highlighter.  Quality wise, the nail polish is not  better or worse than polishes from other luxury fashion brands, and aside from the khaki the colors aren't anything special, but the set as a whole is simply a gorgeous thing to have. The palette on the other hand, is more than just nice to look at. The colors are easy to blend, can be used for a number of different eye looks, and have a super silky finish that really makes camo catwalk appropriate.

If the camo trend is not your thing (that's ok, more for me), then  you should check out Olivia Palermo's collaboration with Ciaté,  especially the "Napa Valley" nail polish:


A good wine-red is n not easy to find. Essie's Wicked is my favorite deep red, but it's a little too dark to pass as wine,  and their Bordeaux has the perfect coloring, but is so runny that it could pass as actual wine. So this red that Olivia has labeled her "fall favorite", is a godsend.  Quality wise, the polish is amazing, with a formula that includes a special dual polymer mesh lock technology and volcanic glass it'll look flawless and glossy for days.  Be sure to also check out the rest of the collection, as the palette is also pretty great:


Peace, Love, and Lobsters

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