Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Killer in Me

While most 17 year old girls have nightmares about showing up unprepared for a test or being stood up at their prom, the things Nina Barrows sees when she closes her eyes at night are a little more substantial …and a lot more terrifying. 

Ever since she was a little girl Nina's dreams have been haunted by "The Thief", a sociopath serial killer who stalks and kills at random, and then disposes his victims' bodies in an abandoned
mine in the deepest, most desolate part of the desert. Yet, no one except Nina has ever heard of him.  Joined by her former best friend Warren, who is not sure what to make of her obsession (or maybe delusions?), Nina decides to hunt the Thief down.  But once they get to the to the deserts of New Mexico – the Thief's hunting grounds –  the man who awaits them there seems to be the exact opposite of the brutal killer Nina had come to know through her dreams, and she soon begins to doubt everything that she had once been so sure of.  

While the gripping and brilliantly twisted plot of  Margot Harrison's debut novel make it a book that you can't put down,  it is the atmosphere that really sets it apart from other thrillers.  The setting – a captivating  mix of eerie and beautiful – is so vivid that it almost competes with the characters themselves. Yet, the story never gets lost in descriptions that slow down the plot. The writing is always sharp, on point, and at times even "noir-ish".  And even though I pride myself  in my deductive skills I found myself questioning them a little more with every chapter  – just like Nina herself.  

If you enjoy a gritty mystery, with dark and disturbing revelations, and a hint of romance, then mark July 12 in your calendars or preorder "The Killer in Me" now. You definitely won't regret it …except for the increase in your electrical bill because it may want to make you sleep with the lights on (if you dare to sleep at all, that is).

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

Advanced review copy provided by Net Galley 

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