Sunday, June 11, 2017


I'm finally at the finish line of this whole moving and renovating adventure and trying to get back into my regular Sunday posting routine. And today that means sharing a couple of must watch documentaries with you.

Mommy Dead and Dearest (HBO)
The thing that shocked me the most about this case was that I had never heard about it. Everything about it sounds too crazy too be true, but nope it actually happened. Mommy Dead and Dearest documents an extreme case of Munchhausen by Proxy. A mom tricked the whole world into believing that her daughter had every ailment one could imagine, until the daughter had enough and murdered her mother. It's as weird as it gets, but a must watch if you're a fan of true crime documentaries that are on the crazier side. 

Casting JonBenet (Netflix)
I've seen countless documentaries about this case (really, who hasn't?), but this one really stood out. Instead of a classic documentary, this is basically a casting session for a documentary where all the actors share their theories. It's definitely a fresh and unique approach and adds new interest to an old case.

American Epic (PBS) 
This three part event is the untold story of how the ordinary people of America gort to record music for the first time. Narrated by Robert Redford, and featuring performances from the likes of Willie Nelson, Elton John, and Jack White and T Bone Burnett who also lead theses truly epic recording sessions this series is an experience that every music lover will enjoy. And you're gonna want to buy the recordings right after. Trust me.  

Peace, Love and Lobster

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