Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's a (Beach) Party in the USA

What is the best part about summer?  The summer lineup of USA Network  of course!

Summers would be pretty dull without all their awesome shows, especially the Hamptons set medical show Royal Pains, and  the explosive spy drama Burn Notice.  So if you wanna know how to dress for a summer in the Hamptons or a spy mission in Miami then keep reading:

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If you're heading for the Hamptons (or if you just wanna dress like you are) keep it simple and nautical. Shorts, sundresses, colorful beach totes and comfy wedges are all you need to meet a cute doctor on the beach (for more inspiration check out my post on resort wear).

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I have to admit that I am a little bit obsessed with Fi's style, but I simply am a sucker for anything army green and combaty looking (there's just something about the color that makes my hair look blonder, and my eyes pop - it's a double win!). So if you wanna look just as cool (or should I say hot?) as Fiona go for military inspired pieces and mix them with classic elements like a white button down, and of course you're gonna need a flowy sundress to keep cool in that Miami heat.

So what's your fave USA summer show and style? Comment below and let me know!
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Peace, Love and Sunshine


  1. Well I would have said Psych but since it's no longer a summer show, I'd have to say I dont have one lol as for summer style overall, I'll go with shorts and a tank top. I'm so much fun, right? xD

  2. And NOW I want to drive to the Hamptons, haha. Those wedges you picked are gorgeous. *Needs.*

    Awesome post...Now take me shopping. =P <3

  3. I'm definitely more of a Royal Pains dresser but dear god I got a thing for Fiona's look lol!!

    Elin's comment made me sad!! I miss Psych so much!!!!!

    Love the post!! Can't wait for more!!! You're amazing!!