Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Private Eyes

Take Nancy Drew, let her  grow up a little, add a twin sister with a pink Harley, and move it  all to  Hollywood. What you get are the  McAfee Twins,  Kerry and Terry, two sleuths more reminiscent of Philip Marlowe than our beloved Nancy.

Mystery, action, humor and zany characters, what's not to love?  (and if all that isn't enough to get  your attention there's even a Christmas mystery...yes CHRISTMAS MYSTERY!)  

But what attracts me the most about these books are the redheaded heroines, brainy and rational Kerry and the more impulsive wild child Terry. ‘Cause honestly, who didn't dream of solving crimes with their best friend at some point of their life?  And even if that detective dream didn't come true, there is no reason why you  shouldn't dress the part:  

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1) Every detective needs a cool leather jacket, if it's a pink one like Terry's trademark biker jacket  or something  a little more classic, you can't go wrong  with vintage leather.

2) Boots - if  you wanna chase suspects on your Harley strappy sandals aren't the best idea, and sturdy boots add an instant coolness factor to any outfit.

3) Jeans and a T-shirt - yes it does sound a little simple, but that's the point.  You're a  PI , you wanna blend in - a silver satin dress  would be rather inconvenient.

So whether you're an armchair detective who likes to get lost in a good story,  or  aspiring to do the real thing take these  fashion clues  and you´ll solve  any crime by dinner time. 

Peace, Love and Sunshine

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  1. Let's move to L.A and solve crimes, pretty please? In those epic outfits. :) <3 Really need to read those books haha.


  2. Oh you and your detective love lmao awesome post dude. :D

    sorry for the lame comment dude but after less than 3 hours of sleep I dont really function correctly lol

  3. YOU PUT A UCLA TOP! Nuf said.

    Lol, I saw that and got the biggest smile! Seriously though HOT outfits! OMG I want them all in my closet now.

    So fantastic!!

  4. All of these outfits are just soo cute!!