Sunday, October 23, 2011

DIY: TV inspired Halloween Costumes

Last year a silly heat wave ruined my plans of being Penny Lane for Halloween (70s fur coat and  80 degree Weather don't mix...).  So there was only one thing to do: I hit my closet and tried to put together a last minute alternative. One blue sweatshirt, two orange converse, and a bunch of blonde clip in extensions later I was  Chuck's Sarah Walker:

Dressing up as your fave TV character is always an easy and cheap costume idea. In most cases you find everything you need  in your own closet. And even wigs or hair pieces can be found super cheap at Claire's or most drugstores.  

 Here's some inspiration:  

Wanna be Elena from The Vampire Diaries?  All you need are dark skinny jeans, a tank top or cami (either bright red or a darker color, like navy or petrol - no brights!), and of course her trademark KRMA leather jacket (but don't worry Asos, H&M and Forever 21 sell similar styles that look just as cute). And to complete the look with the perfect makeup check out this tutorial

If you're in the mood to dress up as Castle's Kate Beckett, you need a classic trench or peacoat, killer heels and of course her watch and ring. Just borrow your dad's, brother's or guyfriend's watch and find an old ring to wear on a necklace. Not detectivy enough for you? Just hit the next toystore and get a fake gun and police badge.

Feeling extra glamorous? Why not dress up as everyone's favorite Upper East Siders Serena and Blair. There are so many options here, but one look that works particularly well for Halloween is their season one school girl look. Keep it preppy for Blair (bows and headbands, and headbands with bows...), and show your wild side with Serena (short plaid skirt, messy hair, oversized cardigan...). 

...And If you wanna go for something funny, pick a reality TV character. Don't know what to do with those Juicy sweat suits and Ed Hardy tees?  Put them to use by  dressing up as a "Real Housewife" or a Jersey Shore character.  Got an old prom dress and a giant bottle of hairspray?  Be a Toddlers and Tiaras pageant girl! 

I hope this could give you a few ideas.  And if you already know what you're going to be for Halloween  then let me know and comment below!  

Peace, Love and Sunshine
Laura  (select comment as: Name/URL - and double check to make sure your comment shows up - sometimes you have to try twice)


  1. These are great ideas - and you look adorable as Sarah haha.<3

  2. Awesome post! Love Blair and Serena outfit and Kate's too. Your Sarah costume is soo cute :)

  3. I LOVED the Sarah Walker costume, it was so so so so perfect and completely impressive for last minute!

    OMG I want ALL those jackets! They are HOT!

    Great ideas and another awesome post!!

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