Sunday, October 9, 2011

October Loves

Since October happens to be my facvorite month of the year, I figured that a post about my favorite october things was here we go:

Product List

1)  Plaid Shirts -  they will always be my number one, and this fall I've been obsessed  with a red/black Maison Scotch shirt, It has adorable leather applications on the sleeves  and has to be the softest shirt I ever owned.

2) Junk Food Batman Tee -  I love my  Junk Food tees (super geek, I know  :P), but this one beats every other one in my collection...I mean Batman, come on...

3) BIG floppy hats -  coolest accessory ever?  I think so.

4) Lace up wedge booties - I just got a pair of gray/greenish Wolfgang Joop booties, and while I have to admit  that I didn't love the look right away, I quickly fell in love with them...and they are sooo comfy!  

5) Nailpolish in all  shades of orange...because of Halloween and all....  ;)

6) Movies: 
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil -  Hands down the funniest Movie I've EVER seen!  I can't get enough of it. 

Trick 'r Treat - If there ever was a movie that captured the true essence of Halloween this is it. It's scary, funny, there's a  little bit of gore (okay maybe a lot),  and has a great message (don't mess with Halloween!) other words:  Greatest scary movie ever made!

7) Songs:
Lately I've been obsessed with Hugo's cover of 99 Problems (Fright Night anyone?), and on a sweeter note Little Miss by Sugarland (I can thank Hart of Dixie for that), check them out! You won't regret it.

8) iPad Crime fighting - yes you read that right, lately I can spend hours playing Clue or the Sherlock Holmes game on my iPad, and  there's of course Psych's  Hashtag Killer. If anyone knows how I can turn this into an actual career please let me know.

So what  are your October faves?  Let me know, comment below!  

Peace, Love and Sunshine
Laura  (select comment as: Name/URL - and double check to make sure your comment shows up - sometimes you have to try twice!)


  1. Another awesome post from you :) and Sugarland always makes me think of LV lol xo

  2. @Elin

    Haha it does! "...there's gotta be something more"

  3. I finally got the pair of red wedges! Well, not the ones I wanted...but same style. :) Love the list, and you know I adore plaid haha.<3

  4. Yes, just yes!

    There are no other words.

    and Hugo's cover, I've been obsessed with since NSA!!

    We are so connected :), I just bought Clue for my iPad, I'm so excited to start playing!!!

  5. Awesome post Laura :)