Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Loves

It's November!  So here's what I'm loving...

Product List

1) It's finally coat weather! - I wanted a red wool coat for a while and this red trench from ASOS is just perfect (and it also comes in black and beige if red is not your color).

2) I just bought this Patrizia Pepe leather jacket in black today (for an AMAZING deal!) - so it had to go into this post.  

3) Betsey Johnson tights - I love them so much, especially paired with combat  boots.

4) simple sweater dresses - warm, cozy, comfy...and yet so very cute. It doesn't get much better than this. 

5) Pumpkin Spice Lattes -  The only seasonal coffee drink that I can actually stand (okay I'm totally crazy about it and even bought the maxwell instant mix - which is pretty darn good)

6) Serendipity  - Not only my favorite word but also the perfect November movie!  

7) Grimm (NBC) and American Horror Story (FX) 
-  Grimm, a buddy cop show with magic...enough said! 
- After the initial disappointment about the pilot (not scary enough!)  it took me a few episodes to warm up to AHS, but now I'm loving it. The drama, the craziness the amazing cinematography, Evan Peters all grown up... this show is gold!  

So what are you loving in November?  Let me know, comment below!  

Peace, Love and Sunshine
Laura  (select comment as: Name/URL - and double check to make sure your comment shows up - sometimes you have to try twice!)


  1. Only thing I love about november is the fact that BD comes out which means promotion stuff which means i get to see RK together again lol another awesome post dude xo

  2. In love with everything on this list! ...Well, besides AHS, which I need to watch. :) And, I'm quite fond of the gingerbread latte as well. =P

    Don't even get me started on the movie, lmao. So.Much.Amazingness. Thrilled we watched.<3

  3. Love this post!!!!! Mmm the pumpkin spice latte sure is good. I didn't know Maxwell house made an instant version cool!! Gotta love Serendipity such a good movie. That red trench is super cute too!!!!

  4. YES, just YES!!!!

    SERENDIPITY!!!!!!! I'm writing this on my iPad while walking to the living room, slapping the back of Carsons head to stop eating Cheerios and come join me, and we're about to go watch(such an amazing multi tasker!!)...SERENDIPITY!!!!!!

    EVERYTHING about this post is super cute and I love it!!! I haven't seen Grimm yet, but I LOVE American Horror Story!!!

    You know since you've started with these posts my credit car bill has risen ginormously (giant+enormously :)!!!