Sunday, February 19, 2012

Walking in the Rain...

One of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday afternoon is taking a walk with a good audio book - and the worse the weather the better.  I like to say that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing, so I put together a few rainy day outfits that go with my favorite audio books.  

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1) Sherlock Holmes - The Rediscovered Railway Mysteries

TV Sherlock telling stories about victorian Sherlock as Watson? I don't need to explain why I like this, do I?  As for the outfit, go with muted colors, a classic trench jacket, some high wellies, top it of with a cool hat, and you'll feel like you're solving the case alongside  Holmes and Watson. 

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2) Casanova - The Venetian Years 

"Read by Benedict Cumberbatch" should be all you need to know, but all kidding aside, it's quite amazing (and hot). Wear a comfy sweater dress under a military trench, and pair it with classic riding boots, and floral or lace tights to make the look more romantic. 

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3) Nancy Drew 

I know they're for kids, but so fun and relaxing - I'll never be too old for them. To get the Nancy Drew look, go with pastel skinny jeans, a cozy sweater, cute wellies (the bows are a must), a parka, and - because Nancy is always prepared for everything -  an umbrella (choose a striped or plaid one - the preppier the better).

So what is your favorite way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon?  Let me know, comment below!

Peace, Love and Sunshine Thunderstorms
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  1. Awesome post dude! My fav way to spend a rainy afternoon is to lay in my bed and watch tv, boring i know lol


  2. Agree with Elin, lmao - should really read more. O_O And you know I love those outfits.<3

  3. Everything just everything send them to me, everything.

    I do need a yellow umbrella though when I'm in the rain. it makes me smile and want to siiiiiing.

    First outfit is my fav but they are all amazing.

    BTW: the Hunter boots, yellow bow, blue, I can't find them anywhere!!! :( do you know where I can?