Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hump Day Homework

I promised super fun, crazy awesome, party entertainment, so here we go:

Watch: Zombieland

Any Movie that ends with Jack White's voice is a good movie. No really what's more fun than a Zombie Apocalypse and Emma Stone? Not much,  so watch Zombieland and take some notes, you might need them some day...

Listen To: Titus Jones
I LOVE mashu-ps!  And Titus Jones is the god of fun mash-ups. Best thing? You can download them for free on his site

Read:  White Girl Problems
"My dad's  British, I can't hold a job, Alexander McQueen is gone forever...” I get it,  and I have an insane girl-crush on you Babe Walker! 

I got this book for my birthday, but I've been following Babe's Twitter and Blog since the very beginning,  and let me tell you, If you like her blog, you're gonna LOVE the book. It's the funniest, most inappropriate,  bestest (yes I'm gonna use this as a word)...actually, stop reading this. Go buy Babe's book. Now.

Peace, Love and Sunshine

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