Friday, June 29, 2012

Ducks & Deals

Summer sale, it should be an official holiday, but then the stores  would be closed and make it all kind of pointless...

Anyway, I hit the sales today nad found some awesome deals.

1) Clinique 3 Step Home&Away

By far my favorite skin care line, but sadly also one of the more pricier ones on the market.  So anytime the special gift sets pop up I'm first in line. This one did not only come in a beautiful silver box, but also a really useful bag and contains a full sized (I'm talking 500 ml toner...) and a travel sized set - all for only 51 euros, a bargain since I usually already pay 36 for the 125 ml moisturizer alone.

2) Woven Oxfords

I found these darlings at Deichmann,  marked down to 49,99 plus an additional 50% off they came down to 25 - an amazing deal for what is going to be my favorite pair of fall shoes. 

3) Hugo Boss  Duck Shirt

My favorite color, raw silk,  and the remains of a dead duck stapled to the collar...  

I know it's not the most wearable shirt, but it was love at first sight. Mr. Duck and I met at  my favorite thrift store, and not only was he new with tags still on, but also 20% off,  and with some bargaining because of a barely there stain, he went home with me for 28.  

Found any amazing deals you want to share? comment below!

Peace, Love and Sunshine

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  1. I have used this Clinique moisturizer it's really good! What a nice gift set!!

    Love the top it is soo cute :)