Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hump Day Homework: Let's Do This...

Here's your first Hump Day Homework assignment of 2013, and it's a white one...

Watch: Chalet Girl (2011)

This British comedy is perfect if you are looking for a fun way to start the new year. It's not the most cutting edge film, nor does it have a lot of suspense - but none of that matters because it is simply a joy to watch. Another plus is that it reminded me a lot of another  favorite "snow-com" of mine: Better of Dead.

Listen To:  The Chalet Girl Soundtrack

Listen to me
It's just as great as the movie, and and has something for everyone - Highlights: The Two Door Cinema tracks and Silvia Dias' Violins in Chains.

Read: The Last Resort (A Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Mystery)

Read me
I like to start the year with an easy read. And this ski lodge mystery is not only easy but also entertaining. Who can solve the mystery first? Nancy, Frank and Joe, or you?

Peace, Love and Sparkles

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