Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Wrapping

The holidays, too many parties not enough outfits. But don't worry, just put on that little black dress from last night and dress it up with some festive D.I.Y. accessories:

All you need is a a bag with a removable strap, a pair of flats or heels, and a Christmas tree you can raid. Then just replace the strap of your bag with a bow or a piece or garland, and start decorating  your shoes.

I find it easiest to use a shoe with a strap, because then you can just tie your trimmings on, but if you only have a classic pump or ballet flat you can use fashion tape to secure the trimmings.

A candy cane look for a tacky Christmas sweater party:

  Or gold for a more glamorous affair:

Have fun! And tweet me pictures if you try it!

And for those of you who still have some shopping to do check out my  last minute gift ideas.

Peace, Love, and Twinkly Lights

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