Sunday, August 10, 2014

How the leopard got its spots...

Did you know that leopards have spots because it helps them to blend in with their surroundings? I think it's quite funny how this is the exact opposite of how  fashionistas around the globe are using the pattern to stand out. 

And even a classic nailpolish like  Essie's Sand Tropez, can easly be transformed into a red-carpet worthy eye-catcher by adding a couple of spots:


Start to apply the black spots with  dotting tool  (a hairpin or  toothpick will do just fine), and then add a few highlights with a glitter polish or a fun contrast color of your choice. I for one love to use brown and hot pink instead of  black and gold. 

Tweet me some pics if you try this look!

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

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