Friday, October 24, 2014

"Meep Meep"

I wasn't going to post any Halloween tutorials this year, but then a little guy in a furry vest and a taste for chicken came along and changed my mind:

You guessed it:  Freak Show's "Meep the Geek"

I was heartbroken when they killed him off so soon, but he surely left an impression, and since the Meep look is super easy to recreate I figured I could honor him with a Halloween tutorial: 

Freak Show: "Meep"

A pair of faded denim or chino shorts, some white tights or leggings, a worn out flat boot, and you have the basics. The blue fur vest (or a jacket if your Halloween activities take you outside) can be found on Ebay or – if you have time to look around – in thrift stores. The chicken hat is available on Amazon, and Meep's other hats, can be recreated with some cardboard, a couple of feathers and a glue gun.

If you want to go the extra mile and still have some left over Easter candy, you could even take some Peeps (don't worry you can buy them online all year round), and use a syringe to inject them with red frosting to make them bleed when you bite their heads off.  

Happy Halloween!

Peace, Love, and Lobsters
Pictures: FX

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