Thursday, October 2, 2014


If you're not following Essie on Tumblr  you need to change that right now!  

Not only do they post the cutest ways to wear their new shades,  they also like to celebrate the classics. And this month it's wicked:

Did you know that this color has been around for  21 years? 

"Wicked" has been my go-to fall shade for as long as I can remember, last year it got some competition from the navy "After School Boy Blazer" but that didn't last long. There's just something about painting your nails a deep red. It looks super preppy with a navy blazer, incredibly sexy with black skinny jeans,  and so cozy with a cream sweater.  

...No wonder it has been a favorite for so many years, and to celebrate Essie gives you the chance to win "wicked" and 99 other shades. Check out the Giveaway here. 

Are you a fan of "wicked"?

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

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