Friday, January 2, 2015

Winter Whites

Happy New Year!  

…and with a new year comes a new nail obsession. I'm talking about white. But stop cringing, because today's white is a lot cleaner – and so much cooler – than the white-out manicures we used to give each other in 6th grade.  

The key is to pick the right shade, you don't want it to be streaky or flat (hello white-out). Shades that have blue or gray undertones are reminiscent of snow and really capture that winter feel, while Ivory shades are the most flattering:

"Cotton Buds"

Butter's "Cotton Buds" has the best formula, seriously this is flawless.  

"Eastern Light"

With its fair blue understones Chanel's "Eastern Light" has an airy lightness to it, that makes it sophisticated and girly at the same time.  

"Don't Touch my Tutu"

OPI's "Don't touch my Tutu" is not the easiest to apply, but once it's dry this translucent white with gray undertones will make your nails look like a winter wonderland. 

"Tuck it in my tux"

And finally Essie's "Tuck it in My Tux",  an easy ivory that goes with everything.  

Peace, Love, and Lobsters 

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