Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Can't-Live-Without Colors

I used to have a huge nail polish addiction collection, but sometime last year I cleaned out my make-up drawer and narrowed everything down to the essentials. That doesn't mean that I got rid of all the "fun" colors, but I decided to refrain from buying nail polish unless it's to replace one of my favorites (I only caved once!).

… And turns out that the essentials are more than enough, so here are my six
"can't-live-without" colors:

OPI "Suzi Loves Cowboys": Chocolate brown had a moment last year, but I've been loving it ever since OPI's Texas collection came out in 2011. It's not a shade that works year round but it is perfect for summer and fall.  It's a great compromise between red and black, and looks so incredibly luxe with white or cream outfits. 

Essie "Wicked": You can't go wrong with a dark red, and "Wicked" is the best there is. The formula  is incredible, it looks flawless with just one coat, and really goes with everything.  

Essie "Sand Tropez": This one is my go-to toe-color, the sandy beige has a super clean finish, and looks great with my skin tone (unlike many other nudes), as well as any colored polish (so you don't have to worry about your toes clashing with your fingers).

Essie "Mademoiselle": I must be on my third bottle of this. It has the slightest pink hue, and makes your nails look their best. Hands down the best "clear" polish. 

Essie "Sew Psyched": I feel like this is "my color", as I never see it on anyone else.  Green can be hard to pull off, but this silvery army green is surprisingly versatile.  It also happens to have the smoothest application ever and sort of matches my eyes which is always a plus.

Chanel "Blue Satin": The holy grail of nail polish. I think that  high end nail polish is often overhyped, but I have yet to find a navy that looks as good as Chanel's "Blue Satin". It doesn't even have the best formula (Essie's "After School Boy Blazer" is a lot easier to apply), but the shine and dimension of this are out of this world and worth every cent.

What are your "can't-live-without" colors?

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

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