Sunday, February 28, 2016

6 February Things

Maybe it's because of the extra leap year day,  but I just couldn't narrow it down to 5 things this month…

TV Workouts:
Buzzfeed presents, 43 workouts that allow you to watch an ungodly amount of television. Yes, you read that right workouts that include watching TV. This list has been around for a while but I just came across it recently, and  it's definitely a fun way to get a little extra workout time in while binge watching your favorite show, no matter if it's Boy Meets World or Game of Thrones.

Margot vs. Lily:
Talking of workouts, Nike Women  just launched a brilliant new web series.  Their advertising is always on point, but the series about two very competitive sisters might just be the best idea they ever had.

Topshop scarf:
I was eyeing this Topshop scarf for a while, just waiting for it to go on sale … and it finally did.  It's probably the softest thing I ever owned (I actually wish they'd make a giant blanket version of it), and it's so easy to wear – just throw it on over a navy coat and look like a movie star.  

Jake Bugg:
I  used to listen to Jake on repeat, but then I kinda forgot about him  …until I saw his performance at the Burberry Fall/Winter 2016 show ...needless to say, he made it back to the top of my personal charts (and I can't wait for his new album!)  

Even and Odd Sunglasses:
Whenever fall in love with a pair of expensive sunglasses, I usually buy a cheap version to "test-drive" them, but these Even and Odd sunglasses are so great that I don't even want the Dior ones that inspired them anymore (my bank account loves them too).

Sarah Michelle Gellar returning to Cruel Intentions:
In the best news I've heard all week: Sarah Michelle Gellar is reprising her role as Manhattan's original Queen Bee Kathryn Merteuil  in the Cruel Intentions TV reboot.  She announced the news via Instagram, and I'm over the moon that I get to see my favorite teenage sociopath all grown up.

What was your favorite february thing?

Peace, Love, and Lobsters

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