Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lucky Me

With only one more stop to go until award show season is officially over, you might soon feel a little lack of Hollywood drama in your life. But don't worry because Saba Kapur's debut novel Lucky Me is guaranteed to fill that void.  

High School senior Gia Winters seems to have everything a girl could want, a hot boyfriend, a killer wardrobe, and – thanks to her famous parents – she's first in line to be the next next Miss Golden Globe. Most would consider her to be pretty lucky, if it only weren't for a pesky stalker and an even more annoying bodyguard. Or scratch that, because the bodyguard isn't all that annoying after all (even though Gia would rather be seen in last season's Louboutins than admit that). 

In Lucky Me classic screwball comedy meets Hollywood Glitterati, and the result is one of the funniest books I've read in a long time.  If you are looking for a light read, and enjoy campy drama (think White Girl Problems, or Celebutantes), then Lucky Me won't disappoint. Yes, the main characters, Gia and bodyguard Jack, come across as a little immature at times, but for me that only added to the charm.  They don't take themselves too seriously, which makes for a great contrast to the otherwise rather grim subject of a dangerous stalker, who likes to get creative with his methods (poisoned dumplings,  anyone?).

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Lucky Me is available from April 5
…just in time to ease that Hollywood withdrawal.

Peace, Love, and Lobsters
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