Sunday, October 23, 2016

Last Minute Costumes

…that aren't Eleven from Stranger Things (although I'm definitely not against it).

TV or Movie characters always make good last minute costumes, because most looks can be recreated with things you already own. But it is still important to pick a character with a very distinctive look. Because no matter how perfect a recreation is, there's always that risk of looking like you forgot to put on a costume (especially to people who don't know that you don't dress like Rory Gilmore on a daily basis). So here are three easy and foolproof ideas:

Angie Tribeca 
Get a pantsuit that's just a little too big, a police officer set from the toy store, and most importantly bangs! If you're not a brunette I'd go with a cheap wig, but if you are then clip on ones (or scissors) will do the job just fine. Bonus points if you find a friend with an orange jump suit and a fancy belt who can go as Diane Duran. Oh, and if you're not watching the funniest show on TV, then you need to drop everything and fix that right now.

Chanel #3
I love her to pieces, and there are so many options for this. Sorority Girl #3, Med Student #3, or my personal favorite (and probably the easiest costume) Mental Patient #3. You need grey sweats (1&2), slippers, and a hospital gown, and of course the iconic earmuffs. Comfiest costume ever.

Corey from Empire Records 
I've always wanted to do this, and someday I definitely will.  Liv Tyler's iconic outfit is one of the easiest, but most recognizable looks ever.  Fuzzy sweater (over a red bra if you're a perfectionist), plaid skirt, worker boots, and done. Now all that's missing is your empire records employee badge and maybe a Rex Manning record if you wanna go the extra mile and get a little crafty.

Happy Halloween!

Peace, Love, and Lobsters
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