Saturday, September 17, 2011

DIY: All Wrapped Up

I love giving people books for their birthdays, but lets be honest even if it is an amazing book it's a boring gift...unless you go an extra mile with the presentation ;)  

What you need: 

1) A present...duh - A friend's birthday is coming up and since she's a horror fan like me, I figured "How to Survive a Horror Movie" would make the perfect present for her.

2) A plate or tray - since I decided to go with a Halloween theme I picked up a cute metal tray with a pumpkin design. 

3) Decorations galore - To "fill the plate" I hit the 99 cent store and got some Halloween decorations, pumpkin scented candles, and fabric leaves.

4) Candy! -  If there's still room fill it up with candy (no sweet tooth? Just go with tea or coffee instead).

5) Cellophane wrap, pipe cleaners, bows and whatever else you need for finishing touches.

...Now on to the fun part: 

Put it all together on your plate/tray. There are no rules rules...just make it look AWESOME!

Would  you like to see more DIY, decorating,  and  crafts related  posts?  Comment below!  (...cause I kinda do this a lot  lol)

Peace, Love and Sunshine

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  1. You are just so awesome dude lol love the post

  2. Haha, and of course it's Halloween inspired. Love it, very creative.<3

  3. Great gift ideas love the halloween theme :)