Friday, September 23, 2011

I ♥ Dixie

Out  of all the new Fall shows "Hart of Dixie" is the  one I was most excited about  (besides American Horror Story of course) - and the pilot didn't disappoint.  If there ever was a show that had the potential to be my new Everwood this is it!  

Hart of Dixie might be the sweetest show ever, and yes the fact that I had a 4 hour night might have played into  my emotional reaction...but I was teary eyed the entire time. Rachel Bilson is adorable as Zoe, the story is adorable,  and even Burt Reynolds the pet alligator guessed it adorable. 

Since the show didn't premier yet I don't wanna spoil anything, but I can tell you that there's something else that is very adorable (no, I'm not talking about the hot neighbor) - the wardrobe!   

Here is my own spin  on Zoe's look:

Pruduct List

1) Boyfriend chinos and a cute cardigan are always a a great look. But what really stood out in Zoe's version were her sandals, I however live in a colder climate so I went with flats instead.

2) An oversized sweater worn as a dress and paired with rugged boots looks efortlessly cool, and the vintage  necklace adds that NYC glam that makes Zoe stand out in her new home.

3) This is a more casual version of one of Zoe's shorts, blazer, and killer heels combos. I admired this jacket at the mall this morning and it is the first thing I thought of when I put this together...maybe we'll see it on Zoe sometime ;)

Peace, Love and Sunshine

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  1. You're too cute sometimes <3 anyway, awesome blog post dude :D

  2. Yaaaaay, even more excited for the show now! Nothing can replace Everwood - but if this comes super close? I'll take it.<333 :) And those outfits rock. As do you.

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