Monday, September 12, 2011

O.O.T.D: Cattle&Ghosts

As soon as the leaves start turning just the slightest bit orange my mind goes into Halloween mode, but since it is still a little too early to break out the orange sweaters and funny Halloween tees I need to find some alternatives...   Like the outfit I wore to go shopping today:

1) I found this Boss Orange shirt last week and immediately fell in love with it,  I am usually not a huge fan of the brand (with the exception of shoes/purses) - but this is simply the perfect pre-Halloween shirt.

2) H&M  super soin skinny jeans - While I like to invest in other styles, nothing beats H&M when it comes to super comfortable skinny jeans (Best part:  they are only around 10€!)  

3) Tan Cowboy Boots - You know I love all types of boots, but cowboy boots are probably my number one. My favorite pair is by Sommerkind and slowly falling apart, but that makes them look even cooler.

4) I kept the accessories  rather simple and only wore some small rose earrings and a vintage locket (not pictured).

5) The highlight of the outfit is my mom's vintage Ralph Lauren bag - it's HUGE and  the cow totally goes with  the boots - enough said! 

Make me smile  and  comment below :)

Peace, Love and Sunshine

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  1. oh you and Halloween *shakes head* anyway, love the outfit dude :)

  2. Lmao, second what Elin said. :) On all counts.<3

  3. OMG so you are so a mind reader. I was wearing my cowboy outfit today! Cowboy boots, and skinny jeans FTW!!

    The BOSS shirt is amazing!

    Cowboy boots - nuf' said.

    Love the bag! Perfect outfit!!

  4. Wow adorable outfit for fall I just love it :)