Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Playlist

Remember my Summer Playlist post?  Well you guys loved it so much that I figured a Christmas song version was due ;) So lets jump right into it....

1) Santa Baby (The Everclear Version): Sure a guy singing Santa Baby is a little weird - but it's also really hot! I kept the  outfit on the wild side with leather leggings and a plaid shirt, but you can't do Santa Baby without some bling and sparkles (Tiffany of course). Finish it off with a cool hat and some badass - but cozy- boots and there's nothing Santa won't do for you.    

2) Baby It's Cold Outside (any version, but GLEE's in particular): The infamous "Date-Rape Christmas Carol" never gets old. I love the look of a party dress under a warm down coat. Just add cozy accessories and  some comfy booties and you won't catch pneumonia if you feel the need to run...

3) Christmas Wrapping (again, big fan of the GLEE Version): From the 80s sound to the fun lyrics there's nothing I don't love about this song - and it shows in the outfit.  Key essentials in any 80s Christmas song outfit?  A down vest  over a reindeer sweater of course!  Have fun with the accessories. Sequined earmuffs?  Yes please!  

So what are your favorite Christmas Songs? Let me know, comment below.

Peace, Love and Sunshine

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  1. Why am I not surprised that Santa Baby is on your playlist? lol could be cause I know you so well ;)

    As for my fave christmas song, I don't know really. Perhaps Jingle Bells or tipp tapp, tipp tapp, you know which one I mean ;)


  2. Yay sparkly things! Haha, amazing outfits - and great song choices.<3

    Let's win the lotto to buy all these clothes, kay?

  3. Love this post!! What brand is the dress with the studs on it?? It looks familiar. Gotta love Santa Baby!!