Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stocking Stuffers

It's Christmas all over again... And if you are anything like me, and still trying to find some little presents for your friends then keep on reading:

Product List

1) Do you have friends who like to read? How about giving them their favorite classic in a pretty new look. Are they into books and technology? Then nothing beats a book cover inspired  iPhone case or a book that helps whenever you can't think of the right 140 characters.  

2) A limited edition nail polish? The best mascara ever made? Soda flavored lip balm? - Things that make  every girly-girl happy.

3) Who doesn't like pillows? They are very huggable...and come in so many designs!  Even with horsies!

4) Everyone has their favorite Disney classic - and H&M has  cute and affordable T-shirts with Bambi and co. on them. 

5) Know someone who needs a little warmth in their life? Then those USB handwarmers are perfect ...and they look like toast.

6) A candy cane shaped tea infuser? Does it get more christmassy than that? And tea is served best with fresh cookies - especially the mustache shaped ones your friends can make with their new cookie cutter set.

I hope this could give you a few ideas!  And the best?  It's all available online, so no shopping stress ;)

Peace, Love and Sunshine

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  1. I want everything here -- as you know, haha. ;] <3 Great and creative ideas, chica! <3333

  2. Tweets and Status Update, lol epic! i want!

  3. Such cute Christmas gift ideas :)