Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is not only the Birthday of the amazing Elin (See what I did there? Magician name because you share your birthday with the great Houdini),  it is also the Birthday of this blog. That's right! I've been doing this for a whole year, so lets break out the party shoes and celebrate! 

 ...and talking of party shoes I recently splurged on a very nice pair of black patent oxfords. They are impractical, the opposite of robust, and not that easy to pull off - but the sheer fabulousness is worth it. 

My favorite ways to wear them are actually on the casual side. These shoes add instant glamour to a simple sweater dress or boyfriend jeans. For a dressier look they look best paired with a sparkly dress.  Keep it on the shorter side to balance out the fact that they are technically men's shoes (the flatter the shoe, the shorter the dress is always a good rule of thumb).
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And now it's cupcake time, Birthdays and all...

Peace, Love and Sunshine
Laura  (select comment as: Name/URL - and double check to make sure your comment shows up - sometimes you have to try twice!)


  1. Thanks for mentioning this epic day lol

  2. These shoes are really wild, but it is easy to scratch.So I find it difficult to maintain.If, as you say, the quality is very good, very strong, it will good.