Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Open Letter to Hollywood (and the Easter Bunny)

Here's the deal: I love Easter! Bunnies, candy, pastel dresses, and no shopping stress – the perfect holiday, right? Wrong! For me a holiday isn't complete without the corresponding movie marathon, which seems to be the one department in which the holiday shows serious deficits.

Of course there's always Charlie Brown and Easter Parade – but that only makes two, and if you're not into cartoons or musicals you might have a problem.

Sure we have Hop, which is definitely a step into the right direction. But it did not come out until last year and is for kids (which doesn't stop me from watching, anything that involves James Marsden delivering candy is a win...actually scratch the candy part, James Marsden alone is totally enough).  

But what about those long Easter weekends before E.B. hopped into our home theaters? Two years ago I actually resorted to watching House Bunny (I was desperate!), it turned out to be an okay movie but I guess it's needless to say that I was a little disappointed about the lack of Easter eggs...

Then there's that one time when I was 14, and decided that Donnie Darko (What? There's a rabbit on the DVD!) would be appropriate holiday entertainment. Well it's not. Don't get me wrong, it is an interesting, quirky film that would be right up my ally now ...but it was too much for my 14 year old self.

Another childhood Easter memory involves Critters 2. Actually I'm not sure if I even watched this on Easter, but I do remember furry hairballs from outer space killing the easter bunny, which seems like a fantastic movie premise ...when you're 12, and scared of furry hairballs from outer space...

I'm not asking for a major blockbuster, that involves Nick Cage hunting down the last Easter egg, Shia LaBeouf saving the world from an evil bunny robot attack, or Reese Witherspoon being stuck in a love triangle with the Easter Bunny and a hot british hare (...wait, I'd actually love to see that one). All that I'm asking for are some fun, little, made for TV Easter movies. So, someone please call ABC Family and tell them to get on that, because with felt 16 Christmas movies a year, you'd think there'd be some room for Easter...  

Peace, Love and Sunshine
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  1. oh you and James Marsden lol
    awesome post dude!

  2. James Marsden!<3 Wiiiiiiiiiiin. And so agreed- let's add this to the list of letters we need to write haha.

  3. Hop is my love. I went to Build a Bear and bought EB, he's my love (sorry Carson ;))

    Haha Donnie Darko and Easter, two things I would never put together!

    OMG can we PLEASSSSSSSSSSSe make the Reese Witherspoon movie?

    Perfect post, love it!!!!