Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Geeking Out: Dorian Grace

Thanks to the wonderful Wearsherlock  (seriously I am obsessed with this blog!) I found the equally wonderful Etsy Shop Dorian Grace, which sells "soaps and scents for Victorians, Steampunks, and Bibliophiles" (in other words: Sherlock fangirls like me).

Those of you who know me, are aware that I am usually not very interested in bath or beauty products unless it's a limited edition Chanel varnish, but when I saw that this store had a Sherlock Holmes inspired lip balm, I just had to get it.  

And turns out that it isn't just a fun gimmick, the 221Bee Lip Balm is absolutely divine!  

It is a Sussex honey flavored lip balm made with Natural Beeswax and Food-Grade Oil, that feels super silky, and tastes amazing. The only downside is that  I've been craving  Honey Loops ever since I applied it, and breakfast time is like 20 hours away. Oh well...

The best, however, was that the lip balm came with a sample sized soap (which is actually pretty big), a handwritten thank you note, and a coupon code for my next order (which I will place soon!), an incredible amount of effort for a order that was under $4 - Thank you! 
Peace, Love and Sunshine

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