Friday, May 25, 2012

TV Report Cards

For most of us May means exam time, in school and on our TV screens (because we all need that extra emotional stress to make studying even harder).  So lets see how our favorite new shows did end their freshman year. (I'll try my best to keep this spoiler free, but minor details might come out...)

Suburgatory (ABC): 
This show started so so so well, and then Alicia Silverstone came along...
Eden was just too much, or maybe I had gotten so used to the plastic world of Chatswin that I couldn't deal with all that  organic stuff - whatever it was I'm glad she's gone and the show gets a friendly B for writing her off.

2 Broke Girls (CBS):
This show can't do no wrong (it might be because the standard is not that high to begin with, but I do not care - it is perfect!). The fun dress shopping sequence and Caroline's new cupcake  record alone deserve an A+.

Revenge (ABC):
A-, now don't yell at me for the minus.  The finale was flawless and "revengy" (and I'd love to steal Emily's collection of cream sweaters...), but there was one twist I did not like... at all... just no... I leave it to you to decide what it was, god knows there are enough shocking revelations to choose from. 

Ringer (CW): 
Honestly, raise your hands if you thought this would ever get a second season. No one? ..that's what I thought. This show was tremendous fun while it lasted, the campy plot, the  crazy twists, the ridiculous amount of Burberry Prorsum coats...  And for the sole effort of squeezing a full season of that, plus the  obligatory cliffhanger (which will remain, unresolved) into 42 minutes, the finale gets a well deserved A.

Hart of Dixie (CW):
A+ for the thunderstorm, because a) there was a lovely symbolic to it, and b) I'm crazy about thunderstorms. The rather forced (seriously was anyone surprised?) cliffhanger, however, deserves a B-. With bonus points  for soundtrack (if you want me to like you, play some Gloriana, I'm easy) that leads us to a final B+ for, Rachel Bilson and Bluebell.

And for those who ever doubted that Summer Roberts could be a doctor:

Peace, Love and Sunshine


  1. Revengy ;)
    awesome post dude

  2. haha god I love Rachel Bilson!!!!!!!!!!!
    I agree with all of it!!
    I've missed you!!!