Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hump Day Homework

It's time for your weekly (okay bi-monthly, okay sometimes only monthly...hey who has the time to read that many great books?) edition of Hump Day Homework:

Watch: The Deep Blue Sea

Watch Me

This one kicked The Amazing Spider-Man off of this week's list, which should speak volumes for the independent film. The main reason why this is on here, however, has blue eyes and the most radiant smile since the Chreshire Cat - Just do yourself a favor and watch this romantic epic starring Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston on a rainy night - and then go out to see Spider-Man (which is amazing, spoiler alert right there in the title).

Listen To: "Rabbits on the Run"

Buy Me

I had completely forgotten that this was out (I blame MTV, Whatever happened to these "out now" commercials? Or you know, MTV in general...), but at least the deluxe edition was available by the time I finally remembered. Sometimes forgetting things does have it's perks...

The album feels a lot more grown up than Vanessa's previous work, but still carries that signature sweetness that makes her sound so unique (and "wow" inducing). Personal highlights are "Get Good", "Tall Tales for Spring”, and "London" (this one just makes me want to put on some Burberry and stroll through the park on a rainy day).

Read: The Musings of My Best Friend

It does sound like a cool book title, but it's actually my best friend Ann-Catrin's Blog, which is predominantly about books (so there's your lit-fix). Treat yourself to a cup of tea, and browse trough her reviews and suggestions, it'll be worth it.

Peace, Love and Sunshine


  1. Have to admit, now that I know Vanessa is still, you know, alive - I'm tempted to listen more hhaha.

  2. Anything with Rachel Weisz (I LOVE that she's married to Daniel Craig) or Tom Hiddleston and I'm yours. Plus add in the words 'romance' and 'epic' and gold star! Can't wait to watch it!!!

    The type writer with the!!! I need to know. Does it connect? Or did you just put a type writer on top of a type writer, trying to make people like me want it...and then want them sad when they find out it's not real?