Thursday, August 9, 2012

Geeking Out: Zombies, Run!

I promised a review of this forever ago, but since I tend to get very excited about new workout apps or gadgets and then forget about them a week later  I actually wanted to see if my interest in this would last before doing so...and let's just say that zombie apocalypses might just be my thing.  

First things first,  I am one of those crazy people who really enjoy to run, and I don't need fancy gadgets to motivate me,  the good old endorphins are usually enough... but that being said, sometimes  everyone needs that little push that makes you want to put on your running shoes at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning - and Zombies, run! is just that.

The story is simple,  it dumps you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and sends you on various missions.  The aim of these missions  is to  provide the population of your new home, Abel Township, with news and supplies  - all whilst you have to  avoid getting caught by  those pesky zombies...

Zombies, Run! on  iTunes

The  missions are assigned and explained  through (extremely well acted!)  voiceovers, when the first briefing is complete  the app will play a song from your playlist of choice until it is time for the next  segment of the story, which is always entertaining -  trust me I had literal laugh out loud moments that  earned me very concerned looks from other runners....  

Depending on the length of your songs a mission will last between  25  and  30 minutes  - but there's no need to stop after that because the radio mode that follows is just as entertaining.  

Besides the hilarious characters (I'm not ashamed to admit that I have a giant crush on Sam the radio guy), the impromptu zombie chases that can occur randomly throughout the game are definitely my favorite part - nothing get's your adrenalin pumping like the fear of being eaten alive...or whatever it is those zombs will do to you...

After you finished your run it is time to see what you collected and distribute the items in the township,  meds to the hospital,  clothing to the housing,... improving the Township with each mission,  and as the township improves the population grows, and you'll unlock more exciting missions.

This app is well worth the 7.99 and a way cooler alternative to “normal“ running logs. Now all that's missing is the perfect outfit  (I wouldn't be me without including that), and after stumbling upon the adorable David&Goliath sweatshirt that is pictured below it was pretty obvious that even a Zombie apocalypse workout would call for hot pink (yes the Zombies will see you faster, but so will  drivers if you like to run in the street)   

Product List

And how amazing (and true!) is this top, I found on Etsy?  Because nothing clears your head like escaping a hord of flesh eating zombs.. 

Photo Credit: Etsy

All in all, the game is a must for any zombie fan who loves to run, and to quote one of my favorite movies:  The first rule of Zombieland: Cardio.

...The only  -  I really mean only -  thing cooler than this would be a  Detective or maybe even Noir themed workout app. Think about it:  high speed foot chases through urban metropoles, such as...let's say London... Not that I'm thinking of anyone in particular...

Peace, Love and Sunshine


  1. Hahah - best ap ever. I got Lainey to listen to it on our walk today - she loved it.<3

    Also, I heart you.

  2. Cool post! Love the workout clothes you picked here!! Soo cute :)