Thursday, August 2, 2012

Graduation Haul: Burberry & Ralph Lauren Home

To celebrate my graduation and those epic grades (yeah, still gloating and I'm not gonna apologize or stop anytime soon), my mom took me on a spontaneous shopping trip to Burberry.  

The main purpose of that trip was a pair of chocolate brown flats. And after lusting for them the entire summer I can finally call them mine: 

But then my eyes caught something else,  something navy,  piraty, and 50% cashmere...something that I really couldn't just walk by...

The moment  I put it on I knew that this could go  two ways: 1) It would come home with me or 2) I would have to stay at the store forever, because there was no way I would ever take this off again (the air conditioning and Britishness of the store made me forget that it's still summer).  And thanks to my mom it was  number 1 (Thank god, or otherwise this would have ended with me cleaning out my bank account for a coat...and I would have.)  

Another stop was made at Ralph Lauren Home, which - as surprising as that is - I've never been to. I wasn't a huge fan of the women's collection, however (everything was either baby pink or blue which just aren't my colors, not even for sleepwear).  But the men's pieces  are to die for!  And since I'm tall , and like baggy PJs the men's pajama pants fit just perfectly.  I got  forest green  ones, with horsies all over, and a gorgeous salmon robe from the kid's section. 
Also, how to they keep people from taking naps in those gorgeous king size beds at the store? That was so tempting...
Peace, Love and Sunshine


  1. lmao awesome. i juew knew Benedict would have something to do with this LOL

  2. Omg love all your gifts the shoes are soo cute and the coat is to die for!! Awesome comfy PJ's too :)