Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hump Day Homework: Romance with a Twist

Read: P.D. James "Death Comes to Pemberly"

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I am reading Ford's “Parade's End” right now, and because I'm old fashioned and hate reading on electronic devices  I needed  something a little lighter as my "on the go book"  (cause there's no way I'm carrying around a book the size of my Oxford,  no matter how amazing it is),  and this one just happened to be on my Amazon start page.  The  follow up to "Pride and Prejudice" is the perfect blend of romance and mystery as Jane Austen's famous characters find themselves  in a thrilling whodunit.

On my personal list of favorite authors P.D. James ranks high above Jane Austen (now don't look so shocked, I'll  always be a mystery nerd before a literary scholar...), but I still have to admit that I had my doubts about this "sequel", but those doubts disappeared after the prologue - so  get yourself a copy 'cause this is a great read and as Miss Bingley once said “there is no enjoyment like reading!” ...I really mean it though.

Listen To:Rockin' Romance I&II

Listen to me I & II

What makes a Jessica Simpson song bearable?  An amazing cover,  and these  two  albums are full of those -  and fit perfectly into the romance with a twist theme that I have going on here. Highlights include A Change of Pace's version of LFO's iconic "Summer Girls" and Moneta's "100 Miles"

Watch:  The Olympics

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I hate to disappoint but the only movie I saw in the past week was a 90's horror flick  (a great one, but nothing that should be on here before October).  So just watch what's left of the Olympics. Mainly because hot people winning medals is always a good thing, and for the horsey stuff, they are just too cute... 

Peace, Love and Sunshine

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