Sunday, November 18, 2012


O.P.I  always comes out with a couple of movie inspired collections over the year, but in most cases the company tends to draw inspiration from Disney or Marvel. This holiday season, however, we get to choose between 12 shades that are inspired by no other than Bond, James Bond. 


The SKYFALL collection is as expected on a darker, very glamorous, side - but overall I am not too impressed. There are a few interesting glitter polishes (The Living Daylights, The World is not Enough), but I am simply not a fan of all the reds and purples - It's just nothing new, and the pink tint doesn't feel very Bond. 

BUT there is something in the collection that caught my eye, something truly spectacular, something... just see for yourself:


It's an 18 karat gold top coat. That's right real gold. The clear polish has flakey bits of gold leaf and will turn any base into a work of art.  The only downside is the price ($38) - Christmas list maybe?


There's only one more thing: Why isn't this one named Goldfinger? Wouldn't that have been the much punier option? what were you thinking O.P.I.?

Peace, Love, and Serendipity

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